The S2SW Network presented a series of webinars on suicide prevention from October 2013 – April 2014. Access recordings of the presentations, slides, and other resources below.

  1. The Basics of Suicide Prevention and How to Get Startedby Smita Varia (The National Suicide Prevention Resource Center), Richard Burleson, and Brandi Pouncey of the Alabama Department of Health. Slide presentation and Audio Recording.Presented 10/23/13 Resources from the presentation: suicide prevention posters were shared by the Alabama Department of Health–they can be used for inspiration for your own materials.
  2. Online Communication Approaches for Suicide Prevention, with presenter Mike Newton-Ward, the social media consultant for the NC Department of Health and Human Services provides a brief tutorial on the basics of health communications, and Jarrod Hindman, the Suicide Prevention Unit Manager, of Injury, Suicide and Violence Prevention within the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment gave an overview of the, a website dedicated to preventing suicide in men.Access the slide presentations and audio recording here. Meeting minutes can be reviewed here. Presented 1/22/14.
  3. Planning for Suicide Prevention, with presenters Adam Chu, Melissa Heinen and Robert Letourneau discussed planning strategies for state and local organizations interested in comprehensively addressing suicide prevention in their community. Presented 4/23/14. Access the slide presentation and audio recording and the meeting minutes.