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The Southeastern and Southwestern Injury Prevention Network (SE & SW IPN) is made up of 13 state injury and violence prevention (IVP) programs, local IVP programs, university-based injury research centers, national injury prevention resource centers, and hospital-based injury prevention centers. The network offers facilitated activities to its members, and the wider injury prevention community, including webinars and in-person trainings focusing on increasing knowledge around a variety of injury and violence prevention topics, expanding leadership skills, and establishing and strengthening professional network connections to promote peer-to-peer learning that can enhance the practice of injury and violence prevention at the state level. Additionally, the SE & SW IPN holds an in-person annual meeting.

US map on the left with the header Member States. List of member states including: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

The goal of the Southeastern and Southwestern Injury Prevention Network is to reduce unintentional and intentional injuries by fostering interagency collaboration and communication among the network members. This is achieved through capacity building, professional development, and brokering partnerships. Together, we:

    • Forge partnerships among injury and violence prevention (IVP) professionals
    • Offer professional development opportunities to IVP professionals
    • Build member state capacity to develop strong and effective IVP programs
    • Promote opportunities for networking, support, and education available from the CDC, Children’s Safety Network, Safe States Alliance, Society for the Advancement of Violence and Injury Research, and other appropriate sources