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To help meet our strategic vision of professional development, the SE & SW IPN provides annual trainings via webinars. These webinars cover a variety of injury and violence prevention topics, such as: systems for safe sleep, drowning, falls prevention, injury and violence core competencies, and suicide prevention, among others. Information presented during webinars is provided by a range of professionals (e.g., practitioners, federal representatives, researchers) from within our region and across the country.


Access the full SE & SW IPN webinar archive below

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) here

Child Maltreatment here

Communicating about Injury and Violence Prevention here

Driving While Intoxicated here

Drowning here

Evidence-based Practices here

Falls Prevention here

Injury and Violence Prevention Core Competencies here

Injury and Violence Prevention Success Stories here

Policy Research and Evaluation here

Preparing for Core Violence and Injury Prevention Funding here

Project Lazarus Implementation here

Safe Sleep here

Suicide Prevention here

Systems Thinking here