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Improving your Injury and Violence Prevention Practice with the Core Competencies Webinar Series

The Core Competencies for Injury and Violence Prevention were developed by professionals with a long history of working in public health and injury and violence prevention (IVP) in hospital, health department, community, and academic settings. The competencies can provide a roadmap for gaining or strengthening the essential knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to grow professionally, and also strengthen the field and practice of IVP.

In this series of webinars, you will learn from experienced professionals in the field about how they use the competencies to develop and advance their own skills, as well as those of staff they manage. In addition to personal professional development, the competencies can be used to understand what knowledge and skills are needed in the continuum of developing, implementing and evaluating IVP programs and policies.

The first webinar will provide the rationale for this series, highlighting the ways the competencies can help participants in their work. Webinars two through six will address core competencies for IVP one through seven, with core competencies eight and nine addressed throughout each presentation.

The webinar series may be accessed here