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Webinar 1: Introduction to Systems Thinking here

Webinar 2: Introduction to Action Inquiry Groups here

Action Inquiry Group (AIG) The purpose of the AIG is to provide individuals with the space to thoughtfully question and reflect on past strategies and behaviors used when working to create change in systems and adjust them based on feedback. Because the purpose of the AIG is to provide an immersive experience and build community and trust among small groups of people. We are no longer accepting applications for the AIG.

Webinar 3: National Overview of NPLT Program here

Webinar 4: Understanding and Operationalizing the 5Rs Framework here

During this workshop, systems thinking subject matter experts, Dr. Kristen Hassmiller-Lich and Dr. Becky Naumann, walked participants through how to utilize the 5Rs framework and apply it to injury and violence prevention work. They also discussed how to “pitch” systems thinking in order to get colleagues and/or leadership to open up to adopting a systems thinking approach for projects and initiatives.

Webinar 5: Applying the PETAL Framework to Injury and Violence Prevention

This workshop will introduce the PETAL systems thinking framework and walk participants through how to apply this tool to your Injury and Violence Prevention work.

The workshop will be held on March 29th 2021, 11am-12:30pm ET. Register in advance here.

To keep up to date with systems thinking webinars and events, please contact Siarra Scott at