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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, through the Core SVIPP program, funded five National Peer Learning Teams (NPLTs) with the aim of connecting injury and violence (IV) prevention professionals to identify areas of leverage within IV priority areas. While the other four NPLTs focus on a specific IV area, the Southeastern and Southwestern Injury Prevention Network was charged with helping IV professionals across the country enhance and implement a systems thinking approach to their IV work. Our NPLT is called the Systems Thinking National Peer Learning Team (ST NPLT).

The ST NPLT was established in September 2016 and ended in August 2021. The ST NPLT aimed to provide rich and diverse learning opportunities for injury and violence prevention professionals across the nation. Resources and skill development were provided to members of the ST NPLT via four ways, namely annual meetings, webinars, the action inquiry group, and product/tool sharing via listserv and website. In this section you will find descriptions of these mediums.